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We help you plan and invest with confidence and commit to the highest standard of personalized service because we care about your results. Your financial future deserves dependable advice built on the facts that can best protect your interests. Together we’ll evaluate your total net worth, help you find options to achieve your goals with more safety, and discover gaps that can threaten prosperity. Accept nothing less.

In contrast to standard industry practices we minimize conflicts with clear disclosure; we’re not captive to in-house or affiliate product sale agendas; nor subject to shareholder interests. Our true independence benefits you: we partner with specialized expertise; use world-class custodians to keep costs low and safeguard your assets; and our unbiased research and careful attention to your concerns will give you comfort that you’re on a realistic path to financial health and well-being.

True, Independent, Fiduciary Advice: The Difference Matters

That’s our pledge to earn your trust and help you find peace of mind on your journey to financial success.

Service Solutions


Fiduciary, fee-only RIA (investment management, financial and retirement planning). Affluence carries responsibility to understand the risks that can hurt you most, especially during inevitable life transitions. How have you evaluated and prioritized your goals? How do you gauge if your decisions are consistent with achieving your goals? What gaps – investment, legal, tax, or insurance exist that could threaten wealth and security?


ERISA 3 (38) and 3 (21) Fiduciary services (401k, Cash Balance, and Defined Benefit plans). The “planning” is missing from many Plans! We specialize in helping you find full value in your retirement plan based on your goals. We’ve shown others how to achieve significant tax and saving benefits, minimize investment liability, streamline administration, reduce excess fees, and increase participation rates. Our trademark transparency will help you make the best decision for you and your employees.


For most owners, the business represents between 60-80% of their net worth. In order to fund retirement or other goals, some form of transfer usually needs to be considered. A business owner often has complex considerations beyond only financial gain. Do you understand your options for transferring and protecting this wealth? Is there a gap between your current wealth and what you’ll need to fund your lifestyle? How well are your loved ones protected?

Business Valuation

Fully accredited appraisals (aka business valuations) for succession planning, financing, estate & gift tax, mergers & acquisitions, and buy-sell agreements. Is your valuation current? Was your valuation performed by an accredited appraiser? The purpose of a valuation – i.e. for tax, financial reporting, internal planning, or sale – impacts valuation. Do you know how much this difference could mean for you?

Buy-Sell Agreement Review

This vital contract requires “pre-trigger” event collaboration of legal, tax, insurance, and valuation advisers to truly serve owners’ interests. Often outdated or incomplete; valuation is frequently contested. Is it current? Is it properly executed? Contingent risks often lurk: Is the agreement funded? How accurate is the valuation? Is there a clearly defined process in place once a “trigger” occurs (i.e. death, disability, divorce, etc.)?

“Compound Value is the 8th Wonder of the World,
He who understands it – Earns it;
He who doesn’t – Pays it.”

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