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Fiduciary Mindset: Philosophy meets Business Model

A relationship worth building requires work, communication, and commitment to a purpose. In our experience, most financial consumers have difficulties discerning how to choose and evaluate an adviser. Standard industry practices are confusing: complex compensation schemes, conflicted business models, and clever marketing campaigns often obscure the real picture.

We commit to help you understand the advantage in our mindset because we want you to see how we work for you. CVA’s business model and fact-driven operating philosophy align with your goals, simplify jargon with plain English, and give you clear, realistic expectations.  

CVA IS a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)*

By law, RIA’s are bound by a fiduciary standard of care to put your interests first. Transparency drives our process. This means we educate you on tradeoffs and potential conflicts that may exist, so you can make well-informed decisions for your money. Financial planning and investment management needn’t be complicated. Our time-tested strategies control risk, eliminate excess costs, and are vital to help you compound value on your path toward financial security.

The Facts

  • Process addresses investment, tax, legal, insurance and estate planning considerations
  • Superior business model and operating philosophy minimizes conflicts
  • Competent advice, disciplined cost control, consistent execution

Your Advantage

  • Advice from all members of your advisory team helps to maximize your protection
  • Manage conflicts to control cost and say good-bye to standard industry boilerplate remedies  
  • Reduce risk, increase efficiency, and be confident your decisions are working to secure your future

Put the odds in your favor with our Investment Philosophy: Facts vs. Fiction

* Registration does not imply a level of skill or training.

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