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Plan, Prosper, and Protect Your Dreams


Compound Value helps business owners and individuals plan for retirement success. With so much at stake, we can help you make the right choices vital to sustain your financial health and well-being.

If you’re in or near retirement and concerned how long your money will last, you’ve found the right place. Our specialized expertise and proven strategies can provide advantages you need with safety you deserve.

Business Owners

Personal assets, business value, and exit options are examined to give you insight, clarity, and simplified decision-making.

Business Owners & Individuals

Investment, tax, and withdrawal strategies are aligned with your spending, capital conservation, and estate planning goals.

Business Owners & Employees

Plans tailored for your tax, saving, and exit goals; to retain key employees; we teach your people how to build secure futures.


Expert guidance to help you plan your future, preserve your lifestyle, and retire with confidence.

Together, the Change We Make will focus on safe ways to protect your dreams.

YOur Advantages

How We Work

Your interests get top priority, never subject to conflicted sales quotas, shareholder interests, or divided loyalties that dilute your wealth. Our true independence is superior to 85%-90% of industry practices.

How We Think

Your goals drive our advice. Stewarding your wealth is our privilege and responsibility. Fee-only transparency and clear disclosure because it’s right you know how every dollar is allocated on your behalf.

How We Deliver

Your plan is crafted with care to fit your needs, entrusted to an owner skilled in helping people make key financial decisions. No boilerplate remedies; no 1-800 menus; all inquiries returned within 24 hours.


With these fiduciary principles we pledge to earn your trust, help you prepare for the road ahead, and to preserve your lifestyle and legacy.

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Issues we help you solve

Lifestyle & Security

Target maximum spending to live well; and safely secure your future with the right balance between income, growth, and capital preservation. Our holistic planning integrates tax-wise saving, investment, and withdrawal strategies.

Retirement Readiness

Compliant, cost-effective plan designs for your needs. Owner-focused plans target tax benefits, key employee incentives, and succession planning. Employee-focused plans target financial literacy and education.

Business Succession

We coordinate information with your professional team and identify gaps that could harm your lifestyle and legacy so you can focus on your business. Ensure your wealth is protected and you’re prepared to secure your future.

Our Services

Plan and Invest to Make Your Money Last 

No Hype, No Gimmicks, No Hidden Agenda

The Difference Matters


We help you plan and invest with confidence.

Jerry Matecun, MBA, CBA, AIF®
Jerry Matecun, MBA, CBA, AIF®

Founder, President

Jerry started his working life in a family business at age 13. His financial expertise spans over 25 years, serving business owners and individuals. 

Mary Boone
Mary Boone

Client Services

Mary has more than 10 years of Client Service and adminstrative experience in the financial services industry.


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“Compound Value is the 8th Wonder of the World,
He who understands it – Earns it;
He who doesn’t – Pays it.”