401K ERISA Services

Fiduciary Duties

401K ERISA Compliance for Fiduciaries

Running a 401k Plan isn’t your core business. The Department of Labor and the Supreme Court are protecting participants; the Financial Industry’s lawyers, lobbies, and politicians are protecting themselves. You need to understand the nature of participant protections, the financial industry’s varied practices, and demonstrate diligence in your duties. We help you put prudent processes into place so your fiduciary obligations can be met, and we offer the highest ERISA standard of care with our 3 (38) Investment Manager program. Few firms offer you this protection.


Get a Fact-Based Assessment of Your Plan

Disclosures in a typical 401K plan are generally cryptic. We have the expertise to sort through the various fee structures that are often buried in fine print. We simplify this for you and give you a clear, unbiased assessment of your existing plan. Our analysis will give you an objective view if your plan is in good shape, or if there is room to improve service to Plan participants, eliminate the unnecessary, and lower your risk. Fair enough?


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