Business Succession 

Organized Thought, Clarity, Confidence

Successful Transitions Begin With Planning

Your daily routine is filled with decisions that impact the lives of family, employees, clients, and vendors. The range of emotional, mental, and financial considerations is complex. Many owners have upwards of 60%-80% of total wealth in the business. Your financial health depends on the business to generate income and ultimately to transfer wealth from the business for your retirement security.

Transfer risk is high for illiquid, privately held firms – less than 20% successfully sell. A lot is at stake.

How do you begin planning for the next 5, 15, or 30 years? The investment, insurance, tax, legal, and valuation issues require specialized knowledge and a process to be sure each piece of the puzzle is working to protect your interest.

We educate you on your options, focus on realistic outcomes, and help you protect yourself against unforeseen events.

Simplify decision making with our five-step planning process:

1. Establish goals for your exit and refocus on your next phase in life
2. Assess your financial and mental readiness
3. Estimate business value; what is needed to secure your lifestyle
4. Evaluate the range of values for your exit options
5. Manage your wealth with holistic planning for your peace of mind

There’s a lot of moving parts for you to consider. We can help organize and coordinate information with your professional team throughout the process, so you can focus on your business. 

Establish Goals

Successful transitions don’t happen without thoughtful preparation and goal setting. How much equity is needed from your business exit to maintain your current lifestyle? What is your timeline? Do you want to remain in the business or leave? Will you transfer internally to a family member, key employee(s), or a third-party? What exit options are available and what risk do they pose to you?


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