Investment Advisory

Working Together for Your Goals

Client-Friendly Service and Business Model

A strong working relationship requires clear communication and commitment to a purpose. In our experience, most financial consumers have difficulties discerning how to evaluate the merits of advisory services. Standard industry practices are confusing: complex product and compensation schemes, business models, and clever marketing campaigns often obscure the real picture. Here is a clear description of what we deliver:

Investment Advisory: Project your wealth and sustainable spending in retirement. Portfolios are structured to control risk, all-in cost, and minimize taxes, so more money stays in your account to compound value.

  • Diversify your portfolio for risks that most concern you, and target goals-based returns
  • Locate assets to optimize tax deferral; design withdrawal strategies to make your money last
  • Redeploy underperforming assets (i.e. overpriced variable annuities or insurance products)

Personal Financial Planning: An holistic view of your finances is focused on balancing your saving, investment, current lifestyle, and retirement goals.

  • Transition planning: i.e. business exit, retirement, adapting to unplanned events
  • Age and goal appropriate cash and debt management
  • Risk management: proper levels of insurance and appropriate policies to protect your assets

Business Financial Planning: Assess business value, personal assets, and your spending goals. Identify gaps or contingencies to keep you protected.

  • Ensure key members of your team are aligned with business success
  • Ensure buy-sell agreement is updated and spells out a clear process to value and fund a buyout
  • Quantify realistic, after-tax business equity to gauge if you have a retirement funding gap or surplus

What’s Does Fiduciary Mean For You?

Let’s use insurance to show you what it is – and why it matters. Insurance protection serves a vital need in many planning situations: life, health, home, business, estate and tax planning, etc. There’s no disputing it can be important to protecting your interests. The problem lies in how it’s typically sold. Cryptic disclosures, misleading illustrations, and conflicted, manipulative sales gimmicks. Why? High-commission motives at your expense. In many cases, the cost outweighs the benefit. In egregious cases, the cost is outright predatory and the product sale completely wrong for your needs.

In contrast, we use insurance re-priced and re-designed to eliminate misaligned selling motives. These transparent, value-focused products remove the commission conflict and fit the purpose that drives our mindset: to help you plan and invest right to secure your future.

Investment Advice Should Help You Find Clarity

Financial planning and investment management should work together to grow and protect your wealth. We commit to help you understand the advantages our service model because we want you to see how we work for you. Transparency is fundamental to serving your interests. In practical terms, this means we’re careful to caution you on potential conflicts of interests, weigh your cost vs. benefit, and explain key trade-offs so you can make well-informed decisions for your money. Our time-tested strategies control risk, eliminate excess costs, and are vital to help you compound value on your path toward financial security.

The Facts
  • Process addresses investment, tax, legal, insurance and estate planning considerations
  • Superior business model and operating philosophy minimize conflicts
  • Superior service, competent advice, disciplined cost control, consistent care in execution
Your Advantage
  • Advice from all members of your advisory team helps to maximize your protection
  • Manage conflicts to control cost; say good-bye to standard industry boilerplate remedies  
  • Reduce risk, increase efficiency, be confident your decisions are working to secure your future

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