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Personal Financial Planning

What You Can Expect 

The initial consult is a no obligation, no cost discovery. Our first job is to hear your concerns. We’ll review a range of issues with you in order to understand your current financial state, risk tolerance, and goals. We’ll explain our advice in plain English that relates directly to your needs. If you desire, an additional benefit in our service philosophy is to work in concert with your team of professional advisers. Successful personal planning requires careful consideration of various legal, tax, insurance, and estate planning issues. A well-orchestrated team effort can further save you money, secure your assets from undue risk, and ensure your estate is in order.

Strategy Development

The investment policy will prescribe an appropriate mix of assets to balance your income and/or return requirements against your risk tolerance and time horizon. We place strong emphasis on understanding your need for downside protection and manage this risk as prudently as practicable. Free lunches do not exist in financial markets, and we will explain to you the tradeoffs between risk and return in every strategy and asset mix. Tax advantaged strategies will be used where practicable.

Key Strategy Considerations
  • Asset Allocation (what asset mix will work best for your goals)
  • Asset Selection (quality is measured through intensive due diligence)
  • Asset Location (tax deferral opportunities are utilized when practicable)
  • Withdrawal Strategies (requires coordinated planning with Social Security, taxes, and your other accounts)
  • Time Horizon (you may have several goals with different time horizons)
  • Personal Planning Priorities 
  • Overall Portfolio Objectives

Strategy & Service Execution

Once a strategy is developed, it’s important to exercise care and discipline in its execution. Accounts are rebalanced as needed to ensure asset class exposure is consistent with your ability and willingness to accept risk. Different stages in life may change how you think and feel about your money. If strategy adjustments are needed, they will be driven by you during our ongoing dialogue as life events unfold. Custom reports are easy for you to track your investment results. Portfolios are reviewed quarterly or based on market movements. And of course, you can call us at any time before annual reviews.

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