Retirement Plans

Choices to Maximize Your Outcomes

Retirement Plans: Security For You and Your Team

Retirement plans can offer you, the employer, an array of planning options to meet your objectives. Yet we find many retirement plans fail to meet the owners’ goals because key questions weren’t addressed prior to implementation. If the right questions aren’t asked, you can be sure proper “planning” is missing in action!

CVA provides specialized expertise to the ($1-$20 million) retirement plan market. Whether you are a sole practitioner or have 100 employees, we partner with expert TPAs and actuaries to help you design a DOL and IRS compliant, cost-effective plan that will work best for your goals.  A few areas where we’ve helped owners’ discover opportunities that delivered significant value:

  • Eliminate excess hidden fees that burden many small retirement Plans
  • Minimize your fiduciary liability and assure your Plan is compliant
  • Streamline and simplify Plan administration
  • Educate employees on real life saving and investment concepts vital to retirement readiness
  • Structure a plan that can facilitate an employee(s) succession plan
  • Maximize owners personal tax & saving; minimize employee contribution cost

The first question we ask owners:

Is your plan a personal tax & saving benefit or an employee benefit?

Then we ask a few more questions so we can focus on the issues that are most important to you. All Plans have Administration, Design, Investment, and Fiduciary considerations. Once we understand your preferences, we can customize the Plan design to meet your needs.

Haven’t had your Plan reviewed? The return on your small time investment could be very substantial. We will perform a competitive review and benchmark your Plan’s services and fees so you can see how you rank vs. the industry and vs. what we can offer you. There’s nothing to lose, and a lot to win!

NOTE: the plan design examples on the following pages show the proven saving power and cost efficiency of intelligent plan design. Once we understand your goals and your firm’s census data, designs can be customized to meet your goals and improve your plan’s results.

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